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7 Reasons to Purchase a Lakewood


Assistance for the Purchaser

Why a Lakewood?

Every so often a new visitor comes across our beautiful website. In doing so, he or she will find a bunch of answers by simply surfing and automatically reaching their own conclusions.
But sometimes there are specific questions that need direct answers. Of course, when looking for a new or a custom guitar, there is the central question: Why a Lakewood? What sets these guitars apart and what makes our company unique?
We have tried to provide specific answers to these questions by summarizing them in the form of these 7 reasons. We hope this will assist you.

Team photo


Made in Germany...

has been a matter of course for Lakewood since its founding in 1986. The strength of the company is our people who work as a team and do their best daily to pursue a common goal. They work together, live in the region and make their contribution to the music scene and the culture of German instrument manufacture. In the production of guitars, manual work and modern technology are brought together in harmony. Germany is an excellent production location with top infrastructural conditions.
Timber storage


Solid Tonewoods...

have been used exclusively at Lakewood since the origin of the company. The Lakewood lumber store holds materials for more than 5000 instruments under perfect climatic conditions. Our Lakewood luthiers are able to select appropriate tone woods for your instrument to create the foundation for an extraordinary guitar.
There is a choice of 8 wood types for the tops and 18 variants for bracing and bodies. Among these woods are numerous native species eminently suitable for instrument building.
Inlays and bindings are mostly made from noble wood species at Lakewood. With this, we follow the European tradition which constitutes the typical appearance of a Lakewood guitar.


Construction and sound...

are features of all Lakewood guitars and they are distinguishable by their special body geometry from those of other guitars. Tops, back and sides have distinct bulges, which are responsible for precise tone generation and excellent projection. When the body sides taper towards the neck and the angled bone bridge inserts optimally transfer the power of the strings to the guitar top, Lakewoods sound free and strong, with distinct balance and dynamics. Individual notes can be differentiated. Chords always sound clean. The response is light and immediate. Bass, midrange and treble are evenly balanced. Each note is enveloped by elegant tone.


Haptic and smell...

are inimitable with Lakewood guitars. Touching our finely lacquered surfaces is a delight. Feeling is a sensual experience reminiscent of nature and craftsmanship. In the interior of the guitar, the distinct scent of the woods is eager to be noticed. It will be difficult for you to put aside a Lakewood.
Pickup system


Pickup systems...

are of great importance. Lakewood has selected L.R.Baggs Anthem pickup systems. On the bass side of the sound hole, the electronics are discreetly mounted and allowing the control of the volume, the mixing ratio between the bridge pickup and built-in microphone and the charge of the battery. A phase switch allows you to adjust the sound to ambient acoustics and the basic volume of the microphone can be preset by a trim potentiometer. The output jack is discreetly flat and separated from the strap button. Strap locking devices can be used without compromise.
The Anthem system produces a natural sound, achieving the qualities of high-quality studio microphones.


The Lakewood Customshop...

offers you the unique opportunity to put together your own personal guitar by choosing from five possible body shapes, four models, right/left hand versions, with or without local woods. As you work with the Guitar Designer you can freely move the instrument by way of photorealistic 3D animation and view it from all directions. Imagination knows no bounds; you can choose from more than 250 options and even view the guitar from the inside. The result is a compilation of all details with pricing information. From then on, there are only a few more steps to create a PDF for technical queries to Lakewood or an order request at a choice of Lakewood Dealers by order code. This code facilitates communication and allows access via the Internet to the Customshop monitor, which provides all relevant information about the construction of your guitar.
The Lakewood Customshop is the professional tool for fulfilling your individual guitar dream. The delivery time for a Customshop guitar is 12 weeks.



is of great importance after the sale of a guitar, providing you security with your decision. Following the good advice taken from your selected dealer, Lakewood remains at your side at all times when it comes to handling possible damage and answering any questions about the guitar. When communicating with Lakewood, you're always dealing with luthiers, not customer advisors. If you have a problem with your guitar then for that moment yours is the "most important instrument in the world". Lakewood will follow this principle with every service request.
If you like our arguments in favour of a Lakewood guitar, you can save this as a PDF here.