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Baritone models in our Natural Series


Baritone models in our Natural Series

Two more new additions to our Natural series are the two expressive baritone models M-31 CP Baritone and M-34 CP Baritone, which we now carry permanently. Now, baritone guitars are by no means new in our model range, but we had previously built them exclusively in the jumbo body shape. In 2018, we had released a baritone model in our Edition Series for the first time that was built in the Grand Concert shape (M). Admittedly, we ourselves were surprised by the resounding success, because with a few targeted design adjustments in the right places, this body shape is quite capable of serving a low-frequency baritone guitar perfectly well.
For those who are new to a baritone guitar, it should be mentioned that it is tuned a fourth lower than a regular 6-string acoustic guitar. What is also special about a Lakewood baritone is that the scale length is not 72cm like many baritone guitars from other manufacturers, but at 68cm it is much easier to control and handle and can be played almost like a normal guitar. Once you have had a baritone guitar in your hands, you usually don't want to give it away again!

When choosing the woods for the sides & back, we decided on East Indian rosewood (Style 31) and the striking red Padouk wood (Style 34). These two tonewoods stand for a concise and powerful tone with good differentiation in all registers and are therefore ideally suited for the new baritone models. The nut width of 46mm and the round cutaway contribute to the easy playability of these interesting guitars.
We have tested these two guitars in past edition series, where these instruments have enjoyed a very lively reception.

The M-31 CP Baritone can be found here and the M-34 CP Baritone can be seen here (on our website). In the coming weeks these models will also be available in stores.

(published: 17/01/2022)