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New Edition Series for 2022


New Edition Series for 2022

We have again come up with six beautiful new Edition models for 2022! Also special is that there are 4 new spectacular wood species for sides and back that we have used for some of the Edition 2022 models. These woods have of course also made their way into the Lakewood Customshop and are now selectable in the guitar designer.
In the same breath we have made several other features of the Edition 2022 models available in the Customshop for all guitars, including a new wood for guitar necks, fretboard inlays in Abalone and Mother of Pearl variants, new woods for fretboard and bridge and much more!

The Edition models are based on our ideas and those of our customers. It is a time limited model series for the year, which gives us the freedom to experiment and try things out. In guitar making, there are often conventions that we are only too happy to carefully break here and there. We invite you to take a look at the models on our website and of course very soon in music stores.

(published: 03/01/2022)