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New Lakewood body shape "Concert"


New Lakewood body shape "Concert"

We're happy to announce our latest news - a new Lakewood body shape! The Concert shape is a new smaller size guitar. After having experimented, discarded, changed and newly tested for a long time we have developed this new shape and now proudly published.

The new shape is called Concert

As a first serial model we have taken the C-32 Edition 2019 into our model program, where she has been hiding for a little while now as part of this year's Edition 2019 series. After first deliveries in Germany with a lot of very positive feedback it is very likely that our little friend will get a steady spot in our model portfolio soon. 

You may well be anxious to upcoming models in the C-shape. And also in the Guitar Designer (our Customshop configuration tool) the Concert body shape will be fully integrated sooner or later.

The Concert body is a little more than 30mm shorter than out Auditorium shape. Together with the neck and a scale length of 630mm we have an overall length of just about 930mm, which takes the shape near a Parlour size guitar.
Don't make the mistake to consider this guitar a travel guitar or "small alternative" kind of thing. It is a full-value and fully featured guitar model with an impressing and rich sound. Small size - big sound you might say!
But that's about all we want to say about this new model as we don't want to pigeonhole it. The best is you find out yourself whether you like the guitar optically, haptically and sound-wise. But we have a feeling it might be something interesting for you!

Here is the detail page of the C-32 Edition 2019 (some dealers in your country might have it in stock)

Here's the detailed dimensions of this guitar

Enjoy trying this new guitar!

(published: 02/07/2019)