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The Lakewood Edition Series


Deluxe Serie

Every day there is a new Customshop guitar being built in our workshop. We are impressed ourselves by many of those instruments because of their sound or their elegance. Almost a shame sometimes as those beauties are not going to be visible in public as they are the treasured by their private owners they have been built for.
That's what we created the Edition Series for. It enables us to publish fantastic models time-limited year by year to show you guitars that we are convinced by in sonic and aesthetic aspects. Thus, we can show you the wealth of variants and those manifold opportunities that arise from the Lakewood Customshop. Creativity and design align for the creation of new models that stand for distinctive styles and genres.

We now proudly present you the new Edition Series 2020. The guitars will be available in your store by approx. March this year. Stay tuned or subscribe to our Lakewood newsletter here.

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